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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The price is too steep for me. Don’t you have something more affordable?

A: Our pricing is actually reasonable and considerate in order for us to provide exactly the needs of our clients. We have clients who have more than quadrupled their salaries with our programs and some going up into more prestigious organizations. We promise that you will get your money back higher than what you initially invested with us. But if our rates are a problem while you are not financially liquid, we have other payment schemes that can meet your needs such as our monthly installments and income sharing agreements.

Q: The pricing is a lot, how is this going to bring a return of investment (ROI) to my career?

A: The fee is priced at PHP 35,000 for 3 months. We believe in its exponential returns to you because we've had clients in the past land job offers a lot faster, increase their salaries dramatically (i.e. 60% increase, 5x growth in their original salary), and get rare interviews from top companies.

Q: Can I have a program that is just purely online?

A: Yes, our programs were initially fully online. We just recently gave our clients the option of doing hybrid or face-to-face services for those who find this more comfortable. Unfortunately, for physical meet ups, we only want to meet you at our office at Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Q: What makes this so different from all the other marketed career

coaching programs?

A: Well, we’re going to be honest with you, that’s a hard question to answer given the many things that are special and unique about us. But just to keep it simple, in this program we make it a point that you are the leader of your life. We will not tell you what to do and instead support any decision and goal you have even if others disagree. We will make things work for you and we will help you eliminate limiting beliefs and develop the mindset necessary to overcome all the blocks you’re currently facing. We do this all with more tangible concepts to study related to economics, business, sociology, psychology, and all other relevant skills to be used in the workforce. On top of this, headhunters and recruiters support our vision so you have them to rely on for additional job leads.

Q: Who will I become after the Checkpoint program?

A: Our goal is to transform you into someone completely different yet someone you’ve always wanted to be all along. You will feel empowered and you will learn how to create opportunities on your own. You will have the ability to attract jobs and get exactly what you want for yourself. People will notice how different you think and speak, and this will be exactly what employers out there are looking for.

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