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GET CREDENTIALED: Levels of Certifications for the Believers of the Future™

In today's article, we dive into the transformative journey of the CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program and the invaluable credentials it offers. As you may already know, this is a two-year lifelong learning program is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and become the leaders of their own destinies. At CHECKPOINT™, clients are guided to create a path that they truly own and equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to succeed in it, regardless of the challenges they may face. Through engaging workshops, personalized 1-on-1 coaching, a comprehensive career development toolkit, and unwavering support for career progression, clients embark on a profound exploration of their unique job descriptions, personal brands, purpose-driven projects, and empowering manifestos.

Obtaining certifications such as the CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Authentic Practitioner, CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Collaborative Practitioner, CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Transformative Practitioner, and CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Visionary Practitioner are crucial for professional growth and success using the OCTA REALITY PROGRAMMING™ System -- our current and proprietary self-mastery belief system or "metacogitology" used in the program. (Learn more about Metacogitology here)

These certifications validate the mastery of essential cognitive skills and leadership competencies that are taught and proves the rigorous evaluation in the learner's capability in areas like job hunting, collaboration, leadership, and strategic thinking. To be credentialed indicates a deep understanding of best practices, methodologies, and frameworks that can be applied to advance one's career and positively impact organizations and markets.

By earning these certifications, individuals demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and development, enhancing their credibility, employability, and marketability in the highly competitive job market. Furthermore, these certifications provide individuals with the tools, knowledge, and insights needed to effectively support and guide others in their career journeys. They serve as a testament to an individual's expertise, enabling them to excel in their respective fields and make meaningful contributions to their organizations and the professional community at large.

Enroll in our CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program now.

ABOUT the CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Authentic Practitioner

The CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Authentic Practitioner certification represents a significant achievement in job hunting skills. Graduates with this certification have demonstrated mastery in various areas, including crafting impactful resumes and cover letters, excelling in interviews, and strategically networking. The "Authentic Practitioner" qualifier distinguishes these graduates as individuals who possess a deep understanding of their own strengths and values. They are equipped to assist job seekers in aligning their career goals with their personal mission and purpose, providing valuable guidance throughout the job search process. This tier is particularly suitable for graduates who excel in working with recruiters and HR professionals to develop personalized professional development plans.

  1. Additionally, these certified professionals must have a proven ability to create a tripartite mode and mood model based on the Highest Expression Awareness Framework™ (HEAF™), showcasing their expertise in this unique methodology.

  2. Furthermore, they must have demonstrated their commitment to sharing their knowledge and skills by bringing five (5) learners to the CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program, contributing to the growth and development of others in the field.

  3. They must also have accomplished a comprehensive written exam as well as oral exam with a coach who has reached at least the LICENSED CHECKPOINT™ Executive Coach credential.

ABOUT the CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Collaborative Practitioner

The CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Collaborative Practitioner certification signifies a high level of proficiency in skills necessary for success and advancement in the workplace. Graduates holding this certification have demonstrated mastery in various areas, including goal setting, relationship building, and skill development. The "Collaborative Practitioner" qualifier highlights their experience in working collaboratively with others to achieve common objectives, enabling them to assist professionals in building effective teams and partnerships. This tier is particularly suitable for graduates who excel in working with professionals to advance their team's careers or enhance their skills. They may also specialize in fostering team-building and collaboration with external stakeholders.

  1. Moreover, these practitioners must have given documentation of the practical application of their tripartite mode and mood models in their own careers and lives, showcasing their ability to integrate these models effectively.

  2. As part of their commitment to sharing knowledge, they must have brought seven (7) learners to the CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program, contributing to the development and growth of others in the field.

  3. Additionally, they must have successfully completed a comprehensive written exam as well as an oral exam administered by a coach who has achieved at least the LICENSED CHECKPOINT™ Executive Coach credential, ensuring a rigorous evaluation of their knowledge and skills.

ABOUT the CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Transformative Practitioner

The CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Transformative Practitioner certification signifies an exceptional mastery of leadership and management skills. Graduates at this tier have demonstrated expertise in various areas, including inspiring and motivating others, setting strategic direction, and effectively managing change within organizations. The "Transformative Practitioner" qualifier reflects their experience in driving transformative change and their ability to guide others through similar transformations. This certification is ideal for graduates who aspire to work primarily as mid- to senior-level managers or executives, where they can leverage their skills to lead organizations to new heights. In addition to their leadership capabilities, certified Transformative Practitioners actively contribute to the growth and development of others.

  1. They must have helped ten (10) learners become CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Authentic Practitioners, empowering them with essential job hunting skills, and guided seven (7) learners to become CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Collaborative Practitioners, fostering effective collaboration within teams.

  2. To further enhance their expertise, these practitioners must have completed the Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Course from the Institute for Inner Studies and/or World Pranic Healing Foundation, highlighting their understanding of personal well-being and holistic development.

  3. They must also demonstrate a strong grasp of personal finance, as evidenced by their money philosophy, and prioritize physical health through their fitness routine and dietary requirements. Through their comprehensive skill set and commitment to personal growth, certified Transformative Practitioners are poised to lead organizations and individuals toward transformative success.

  4. Moreover, successful completion of a rigorous evaluation process is required, which includes a comprehensive written exam and an oral exam conducted by a coach holding the LICENSED CHECKPOINT™ Purpose Coach credential. This thorough assessment guarantees a meticulous assessment of their knowledge and skills.

ABOUT the CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Visionary Practitioner

The CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Visionary Practitioner certification represents a high level of proficiency in strategic thinking skills. Graduates in this tier have demonstrated mastery in areas such as market trend analysis, opportunity identification, long-term planning, and understanding corporate visions. The "Visionary Practitioner" designation signifies their deep comprehension of the broader organizational landscape, enabling them to assist leaders in developing and articulating compelling visions for the future. This certification is particularly suitable for graduates who intend to work primarily as high-level executives, entrepreneurs, or those focusing on strategic planning and consulting.

  1. Furthermore, they must have played a pivotal role in guiding ten (10) learners towards becoming CERTIFIED CHECKPOINT™ Transformative Practitioners, showcasing their dedication to mentorship and knowledge sharing.

  2. As part of their training, they must have completed the Basic Pranic Healing Course and the Advanced Pranic Healing Course from the Institute for Inner Studies and/or World Pranic Healing Foundation, highlighting their holistic approach to personal well-being.

  3. Additionally, their commitment to a regular recreational activity must be evident in their weekly routine, emphasizing the importance of self-care. Furthermore, they must exhibit a profound understanding of the significance of lifelong friendships and building a network of purpose-driven colleagues.

  4. To attain this certification, they must have successfully passed a comprehensive written exam and an oral exam conducted by a coach who holds at least the LICENSED CHECKPOINT™ Purpose Coach credential, ensuring a rigorous assessment of their knowledge and skills.

Other Licenses

In addition to the certifications offered to Practitioners, the CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program through its BELIEVERS OF THE FUTURE™ Path recognizes the importance of professional excellence across various roles. That is why we also award licenses to those who aspire to become our ecosystem's coaches, franchisees, corporate leaders, and venture builders whom we believe meet our stringent requirements for, not just competency, but proven hard work and ability to produce results.

The CATALYST™ Coach the Coaches Program offers an annual coach licensing and membership to CHECKPOINT™ graduates who want to give back as a coach and be part of our Alliance for Filipino Career Coaching Practitioners™ community. Our mission is to bring our corporate vision to a bigger arena, such as the business world. Coaches who attain their respective licenses have demonstrated their proficiency in our coaching program methodologies, enabling them to guide clients with exceptional skill and effectiveness.

On the other hand, the CATALYST™ Franchising Program offers a franchising opportunity for coaches who are ready to bring the MG name to scale their contributions for the corporate vision in different parts of the country and the world. It is an exciting opportunity for coaches who have already obtained the LICENSED CHECKPOINT™ Purpose Coach distinction. Franchisees holding our credentials exemplify a deep understanding of our program and possess the necessary entrepreneurial acumen to successfully establish and manage their own coaching centers.

Similarly, corporate leaders and venture builders who achieve a BREAKTHROUGH™ credential showcase their ability to lead and drive transformative change within organizations. These licenses ensure that individuals across the MG Ecosystem of Game Changers™ meet the highest standards of professionalism and expertise, fostering a culture of excellence and growth.

Our highest honor, The RECOGNIZED BREAKTHROUGH™ Master Coach, is the most prestigious level of certification within The MG Ecosystem of Game Changers™. This certification is only awarded to coaches who have achieved the pinnacle of their coaching career and business, and have demonstrated exceptional skills in coaching game changers. The coaches who hold this certification are the only ones eligible to coach all game changers, including the certified and licensed coaches under the ecosystem.

As a RECOGNIZED BREAKTHROUGH™ Master Coach, one has achieved the highest level of expertise in coaching and has proven their ability to guide and mentor individuals towards achieving breakthrough results. They are highly sought after by corporations, executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs who aspire to create significant impact and positive change in their organizations and communities. They are well-equipped with advanced coaching skills, techniques, and strategies to help their clients unlock their full potential, navigate complex situations, and overcome challenges.

Now, join us and become a game changer!

If you're eager to acquire these remarkable credentials and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth, your search ends here with The CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program. This program offers a lifelong learning experience that will undoubtedly propel you towards becoming the confident leader of your own life. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey where you will unveil your true potential and unlock extraordinary achievements. Don't hesitate any longer – enroll in The CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program today and watch your dreams soar to new heights!

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