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Metamorphosis Group (MG) is a tech-enabled career consultancy firm, dedicated to promoting career development in The Philippines.


Through career coaching, we strive to instill confidence in members of the global workforce, enabling them to nurture their talents and pursue meaningful careers. We also aim to connect businesses to highly-skilled personnel, ensuring that both workers and companies alike benefit from our services.

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Danica Octa

Founder, President, CEO

Compassion and perseverance incarnate, Danica Octa is a Career Coach and HR Consultant who now also serves as our beloved queen bee.  Growing up not feeling the social, emotional, and psychological support needed throughout her academic life, she grew to resent herself, becoming insecure and depressed — until she encountered life coaching. Through it, she learned to value and trust both herself and others; so much so that, despite losing her job amidst the pandemic, she chose to help others avoid the same fate and make the best of her situation.


Brimming with optimism, she started the career coaching firm that we all know and love: Meta… I mean, you know the rest. Today, she strives to help others pursue fulfilling careers, and stands as a living reminder of a simple truth: that the struggles you face will never stop you from having the job, and the life, that you want.

Reinnite Madrid

Vice-President & Executive Director

If Danica is the ardent spirit that we trust to lead, Ren is the soul — the spiritual bedrock — on whom we rest our worries upon. A few years ago, Ren was interested in establishing a career coaching firm of his own, but had to temporarily withdraw from work because of a sickness; throughout this period, he remained in contact with Danica who, at the time, was in the process of establishing this company.


Realizing our potential for growth, and trusting in Danica's leadership, Ren decided to join us on our journey to transform the world. A paragon of wisdom and determination, Ren is driven by his past experiences, inspiring hope and empowering those who are fortunate enough to be in his presence. Behind every great man’s success is a woman — but behind our success is Reinnite Madrid.

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Sydney Lagos

Chief Operations Officer

Sydney Lagos (or Syd, if you're close like that) is an expert at strategic planning, advertising, and sustainability who has evolved into our very own ‘queen of the sale’. Despite graduating with Latin Honors from the Ateneo de Manila University, she still felt insecure of her own talents early on in her career; this all changed for her when she became Metamorphosis Group's very first client.


Here, she learned to recalibrate her limiting career mindsets and transformed into the business and marketing powerhouse that she is today. Dedicated to helping people live the lives they desire, and deserve, she isn't afraid to dive headfirst into the deep unknown and help others find their way — just as she has found hers.

Aldrich Rivera

Creative Officer

Aldrich Rivera, who was he before? Art Director. Dean's Lister at iAcademy. Top Talent of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019. Today? He is the beautiful face behind the even more beautiful publications that populate our digital presence; if you think we're cute, it's because Aldrich said you would.


He has found purpose in assisting us pursue career development in the country, and aims to create materials that are not simply visually-appealing, but also evoke the attitudes of kindness and self-confidence that we strive for. With the creative intensity expected from him, and the sheer number of opportunities within his grasp, here at Metamorphosis Group, Aldrich is convinced he's found a home in us, and we're more than happy to have him.

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Kernel Abuel

Corporate Secretary

Everybody needs a 'guy in the chair'. If you're lucky, you get Kernel Abuel; and we like to think we're very, very lucky. With an extensive background in research and economics, Kernel mans the frontlines that exist behind-the-curtains, handling our finances with such proficiency that, when he does his job just right, we might not even notice he's there — but, with a handsome face like that, how could we not?


Leaving the stability of his previous job to join us, Kernel has come to realize, and unceasingly works towards, achieving his full potential, and has now become an essential asset in our journey to help others see that same change in themselves. Every army looks towards its generals for guidance and direction; but when all hell breaks loose and everybody panics, who holds the fort and keeps the company together?

You guessed it: The Kernel.

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Who are the career coaches?

Stay tuned to find out!