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Does your career and direction no longer make sense to you?

..or is it getting hard working with people who are unsure of themselves and are doubting their value and contributions?

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Career Consultation

Book a 60-min Career Consultation from any of our career experts from the core team to help you craft a comprehensive plan for your next steps!

Mock Interview
and Coaching

Some clients just want to help be prepared for the interview. We can provide mock interviews as well as insights on how to best win any interview opportunity you can get.

Writing Services

If you just need a quick fix on your resume to support you in the job hunt, we also have resume writers that can help create eye catching profiles for the right employer to find you.


A 3-month Cohort-based Coaching Program that helps you become the leader of your own life. CHECKPOINT for Job Seekers helps you create a path that you have ownership in and provide you with the job hunting and career development tools to succeed in it no matter what. With shared interactive workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, a career development tool kit, and career placement support, you can be assured that you have a solid plan after 90 days.

Got other needs besides job search coaching? Explore other Checkpoint programs that fit your immediate needs. Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur, corporate leader, current employee, or upcoming college/grad school student, Checkpoint can accommodate the planning and strategy needed for you to achieve your goals.

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Check out what our clients have to say about our coaches!

I just want to thank Danica again for coaching me for my job interview. That was a bit of a rush request since I chatted her the night before the interview so I’m really thankful for the crash course. I honestly suck at verbal communication but I was rated a 5/5 by the panel who interviewed me!! They said I was the most prepared and that was my edge among the other candidates. 

And to give you a quantitative result, I got a 60% raise in my salary! I still have nightmares about the STAR method but it was for the greater good I guess 😂👌

Really couldn’t have done it without MG. This really proves that career coaching is an investment ❤️

September 5,2022

Beyond the skills of a Career Development Coach, which she is a master of, Danica has the empathy and understanding that affirmed me of my worth as a professional. From the get-go, Danica has adopted to my needs as her client. She tailor-fitted my program so that I could grow exponentially in just a short amount of time. She listened closely to my concerns and debunked several of my limiting beliefs about the job market and also myself.

Danica gave me practical tips and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to looking for the next best opportunity. We even had a session where she coached me as I sent out in Mails to recruiters. She checked up on me and made sure I had a plan and followed through with it.

There were times of hand-holding when it was needed but she has coached me to be creative and confident for the times for me to figure out things on my own. I definitely recommend Danica and MG for people looking to reclaim their power and show the professional world their worth.

Sandra Grace
Strategy & Performance Management
May 18, 2021

I have recently undertaken Career Coaching and Mentorship from Danica and her team (Ren, Chris, and Lorenz) and I must state their service is exceptional. They have exceeded my expectations and delivered more than I anticipated.

For anyone looking to review their career, I would recommend to consider Danica and her team. Thank you Danica and the rest of the team for the splendid end-to-end coaching sessions and hope to do business again in the near future.

Product | Technical | IAM | Business Analysis |
September 18, 2021

Danica has so much value to offer in the field of career enhancement. I'm privileged to have been helped her through her expertise. I learned key skills and knowledge from our work together. Knowledge is power, in any industry. In the job market, it is essential in unlocking the best opportunities. More importantly, she helped me tap my human strengths. I am now ready to harness it to get the next best career opportunity out there.

Joseph Vincent
Ex International Charity Worker (UK) 
July 3, 2021

*We highly value and respect our clients' privacy hence we cannot disclose their employers' names.

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