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GRAND LAUNCH: Invitation to apply to become a Believer of the Future™

“Every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head. A million dreams are keeping me awake. I think of what the world could be, a vision of the one I see. A million dreams is all it's gonna take. A million dreams for the world we're gonna make.” – A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

As we journey through life, we are often inspired by songs or movies that touch our hearts and fuel our passions. For me, one such inspiration came from a feeling of being called to do something big, to make a positive impact on the world. I would lay in bed, lost in thought as my mind raced with possibilities for the future. Today, I am excited to share that those possibilities are becoming a reality.

After overcoming challenges and celebrating successes over the past few years, we are ready to embark on a new chapter of growth and transformation. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we are ready to soar to new heights and bring our corporate vision to life.

For those who may not be familiar, the phoenix is a mythical bird that represents rebirth and renewal. Its symbolism has been used throughout history to represent transformation and the emergence of something new and powerful from the ashes of what came before – like a metamorphosis.

Our higher inner selves have been guiding us along this path, dropping hints and clues for us to follow as we work to turn our vision into reality. And now, as we take flight, we invite you to join us on this journey of growth, transformation, and purpose.

Are you ready for this?

From the Ashes Rises a Phoenix

The MG Ecosystem of Game Changers™ is a powerful network of individuals and organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the global economy. By bringing together our community of purpose-driven organizations, groundbreaking innovators, and CHECKPOINT™ coaching clients, we are creating a vibrant ecosystem of Believers who share a common goal of driving the next industrial revolution.

The BELIEVERS OF THE FUTURE™ path is a unique progression of learning and leadership that is available exclusively within The MG Ecosystem. This path is designed to help our strategic partners develop their skills, passion, and drive to become a CHECKPOINT™ graduate, and beyond. For the most talented and risk-taking individuals, we offer even higher options, including our employment programs, corporate partnership programs, coach membership program, franchising program, corporate leadership program, and venture building program. Whatever your goals and aspirations may be, The MG Ecosystem is here to help you achieve them and make a real difference in the world.

We are thrilled to share that The MG Ecosystem is now providing access to our vast coaching expertise, resources, support, and network to all game changers, practitioners, communities, and ventures who are committed to implementing our coaching and leadership philosophy into their careers and lives. Our goal is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your potential, contribute to meaningful projects that positively impact society, and tackle global challenges in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. With our support, you can unlock your full potential, elevate your impact, and create positive change in the world.

The Lifelong Learning and Purpose-Driven Leadership Path

Our CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program is the entry point for all aspiring game changers on their journey of transformation. This program is designed to help them identify their strengths and opportunities for growth, align their career goals with their personal values, and develop strategies to achieve those goals. Prior to starting the CHECKPOINT™ program, participants go through our WAYFINDING™ Consultation (formerly 60-min Career Consultation) that helps them identify their career vision, values, and goals for better career path planning. They may also join our S.P.A.R.K. Your Vision™ Membership Program (an acronym for Support, Purpose, Accountability, Reflection, Knowledge), a monthly program that offers ongoing resume and interview support, weekly mastermind sessions, networking opportunities, online learning resources, and referral programs.

For those who are healthily ambitious to walk the certification and licensing ladder of success, we offer several prestigious strategic partnership programs to help them achieve their goals:

  1. The METATRIBE™ Employment Program: This program offers a 2-year renewable employment contract to aspiring game changers who want to become part of our internal team and contribute to our corporate vision. Eligibility for this program is open to graduates of our CHECKPOINT™ Career Coaching Program who meet our requirements.

  2. The CATALYST™ Corporate Partnership Program: This program offers a 2-year renewable corporate partnership for industry players who want to contribute to our corporate vision. Former CHECKPOINT™ participants who are employed in companies that want to be part of The MG Ecosystem may also apply for this program.

  3. The CATALYST™: Coach the Coaches Program: This program offers an annual coach licensing and membership to CHECKPOINT™ graduates who want to give back as a coach and be part of our Alliance for Filipino Career Coaching Practitioners™ community. Our mission is to bring our corporate vision to a bigger arena, such as the business world.

  4. The CATALYST™ Franchising Program: This program offers a franchising opportunity for coaches who are ready to bring the MG name to scale their contributions for the corporate vision in different parts of the country and the world.

  5. The BREAKTHROUGH™ Corporate Leadership Program: This program offers an equity partnership for aspiring common stockholders of the company who want to help be part of The MG Ecosystem's corporate governance.

  6. The BREAKTHROUGH™ Venture Building Program: This program offers our prime venture building program for equity partners who want to begin their own One Person Corporation to house all research, coaching, and venture building initiatives that all carry the name and philosophical practices of MG.

The Future that We Believe In

Think of the possibilities you can experience as you walk this path and get to the top! Imagine a life where you get to be just like a well-respected teacher at a prestigious Ivy League or top-tier national university but without having to devote too much time to teaching. Instead, you focus on doing meaningful, rigorous research and publishing your findings in leading scientific journals or even mainstream self-help books. And if you do decide to teach through coaching, you get to choose who you coach, when you coach, and how many you coach.

On top of this, you can use your knowledge, wisdom, and coaching skills to help other meaningful projects in your industry turn into prosperous problem-solving ventures. You get to be paid more than top consultants or managers through your compounding and collective earnings from coaching services, dividends, and retainerships. What’s more is you have complete autonomy to use your time, energy, and resources however you want. You're paid to think and explore the fundamental and hidden truths about the world using an interdisciplinary approach to learning and truth-seeking.

It's a life devoted to answering the questions you're genuinely passionate and curious about, while making an impact on humanity. Best of all, you get to spend every day surrounded by brilliant lifelong learners and accomplished industry experts who share your love of discovery. You might even have your own research, coaching, and venture studio, or an external project with millions of dollars in funding, as well as additional income from other consulting services.

This path allows you to embrace full autonomy and witness the tremendous power it can give you. Instead of exhausting yourself by constantly proving your worth just to gain opportunities, you will easily attract them towards you with your own powerful magnetism and passion for the future that you believe in. It's more than just being filthy rich! It's a life of sustainability, prosperity, purpose, and lifelong learning.

Didn't you ever wish we could all live this life? What amazing and colorful world could we possibly create with this ambitious future for everyone? It will definitely be bigger than any of us.

What’s Next?

There are meaningful jobs and larger-than-life opportunities out there that allow you to spend your entire career making original contributions to the world's body of knowledge, serve others through The MG Ecosystem’s coaching philosophy and leadership, and support innovative and purpose-driven ventures, all while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals who share your intellectual and spiritual curiosity. Here is how you can work with us:

Minimum Qualifications

  • Those who resonate with our corporate vision, mission, sustainable development goals, core competencies, and core values. View it here.

  • Demonstrates respect for time and expertise

  • Values mutually beneficial relationships

  • Strong vision and goal setting abilities

  • Open-minded, resourceful, and innovative

  • Displays confidence without arrogance

  • Effective communication skills

  • Demonstrates professionalism and integrity

  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently

  • Proven track record of success and/or growth in business or career

  • Willingness to invest in growth and development

How to apply for the game changing path beyond CHECKPOINT™

  • Send an email expressing your interest in this opportunity, including a brief introduction of yourself and why you are interested in partnering with us. Please wait for a response from us before sending the rest of the requirements.

  • Request 2 recommendation letters from individuals who can attest to your skills, experience, and character.

  • A copy of your updated resume.

  • A cover letter that explains why you are interested in this opportunity and what makes you a strong fit for the position.

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile or attach a PDF of your profile.

  • A project or business plan that showcases your creativity and innovation.

  • A 2-4 minute video introducing yourself and highlighting your strengths and experiences.

  • A transcript of records for college and any relevant education or training.

  • A portfolio or examples of your work that demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Send your application to with the email title:

[FULL NAME] from [ORGANIZATION YOU REPRESENT, if applicable] | I accept your invitation to become a game changer! 🦋

Let your curiosity lead the way and pursue your passion for learning and discovery. Join us and fulfill the future and destiny that we want for every Filipino and every nation in the world!

NOTICE: Please be advised that Metamorphosis Group (MG Coaching and Consulting Inc.) is fully committed to taking legal action against any acts of intellectual property theft or other offenses that may compromise our reputation, safety, and wealth, as well as that of the company. Responsible parties will be held fully accountable for their actions, and all necessary measures will be taken to safeguard the integrity and credibility of the company. Please be advised that these measures are of paramount importance to both personal and professional lives, as well as the well-being of our clients, and will be executed with the utmost care and diligence. All materials, whether shared publicly or privately, are subject to intellectual property laws and are considered the exclusive property of the company. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of such materials is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.



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